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I took up painting soon after I met Fred. One of his friends asked me if I painted. I didn't at the time, but I thought I would give it a try. To begin with I did water-colours of scenery. I didn't want to paint flowers because my mother, Peggy Dawe, is a brilliant botanical artist and I knew I couldn't do as well as her. Then I started using coloured pencils and discovered that drawings of flowers were particularly effective in this medium.

On my father's side I am related to the artist George Dawe who is best known in Russia where he painted many portraits.

I have done some lightfastness tests on black paper on some of the pencils I have used.

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View some of my drawings

dun horse head
dead greenfinch

seagull skull
white horse

bay horse head
horse 4
Clematis macropetala

puffin head
pet rabbit
african violet
feral pigeon


Some of my paintings

from Ben Vorlich
Lochan near Aberfoyle