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"My previous owners abandoned me, but I was very lucky because as soon as Sarah and Fred saw me they decided to give me a home.

"My main interests are lying in the sun, lying wherever Sarah will next want to sit, keeping warm, and being BRUSHED!

"My dislikes are catching mice, (though I caught one once, just to prove I could) and being made to move when I don't want to."

"P.S. I was once on the radio!"

Sadly our beautiful cat, Jenny, died on 7th November 2009, but we will keep her page here in memory of her.

The two pictures below were taken on 4th November, just before she became seriously ill.

Jenny, our cat Jenny, our cat

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Below and left is HER page

Jenny, our cat

"This picture was taken on 13th June 2009, when I was aged about 16.
I think I look really beautiful. Don't you think so too?"

"Here is an older picture of me"

Jenny, our cat

"Below is a wood mouse friend of mine"

Jenny watching a wood mouse