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Aporrhais pespelicani - © Sarah Longrigg Aporrhais pespelicani,
Clyde coast

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Calyptraea chinensis

UK Seashells

Please note that, as there are now two excellent online guides to British seashells, I will not be adding to this website except for species not included in either of these other sites. They are:

Oliver, P. G., Holmes, A. M., Killeen, I. J. & Turner, J. A. 2009 Marine Bivalve Shells of the British Isles (Mollusca: Bivalvia). Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales. Available online at http://naturalhistory.museumwales.ac.uk/britishbivalves

The partially completed Encyclopedia of British Molluscs available via the Conchological Society website

If you wish to use my images elsewhere, please ask me first (permission will be given under almost all circumstances) and acknowledge my authorship on the page where you display them, preferably with a link to this site. Images used without permission are in breach of copyright.

All text and images on this site, marked or otherwise, are © Sarah Longrigg.

I started collecting sea shells on the Isle of Eigg where there was a wonderful shell beach outside the house where my husband, Fred, was living when we met. I have compiled a list of species which I found on Eigg, and I am in the process of illustrating this.

I have also collected shells from other parts of Britain, including the Gower Peninsula and Cornwall and, of course, the Clyde Estuary in Scotland which is near to where we live. The Species list contains all species illustrated on this site, both from Eigg and elsewhere in the UK

Species names used on this site are those from the Checklist of British Marine Mollusca by Shelagh M. Smith & David Heppell, 1991.

One of the joys of shell collecting is that one can collect what is basically Nature's waste material that will soon get smashed up anyway by the incoming tides. Neither does one have to cause unnecessary harm to living animals or to the environment. I collect only dead shells. Unfortunately, well-intentioned people have sometimes given me presents of bought shells. Whilst grateful for their good intentions, please do not do this, as bought shells are invariably caught alive and I do not wish to cause their deaths. Recently, advertising has been added to my site for shell dealers. I have no control over this advertising and do not support it.

For more information about the shells on the free poster of Scottish Seashells included in the Herald on 11th June 2005, please go to the special POSTER PAGES

If you were at my talk to GNHS and missed the handouts, see the following links:

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