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We live in the beautiful country of Scotland, close to the start of the West Highland Way,  a long-distance footpath.

We would like to share with you our love of wild places in Scotland, our interests in natural history and art, and our garden, which is visited by ducks and other wild birds.

The picture on the right was taken on the Isle of Eigg, where Fred was living when we met.

Sarah draws and paints, and she also took a course in multimedia and web design. She studies seashells and wild flowers, especially orchids. She also created all the images on these pages (and owns the copyright), apart from pictures of rotifers, which were taken by Fred.

Fred is a wood turner and carver. His natural history interests are particularly in microscopic aquatic animals called rotifers.

Please note that this website was originally created as part of a multimedia course in around 2001, in the days of dial-up and low resolution screens. I am attempting to update it, but it is a large site and will take a long time to make it properly compatible with modern technology

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