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Arran from Stevenston

Arran from Stevenston

Clyde Seashells

The following provisional list contains most of the species I have found in the Clyde Estuary between Ardmore Point and Troon, including the islands of Cumbrae, Arran and Bute. It is by no means a complete list of all the species that can be found in this very rich area. Many species are found throughout the area and not just at the locations listed

Emarginula fissuraStevenston, Troon
Patella vulgataCumbrae, Lunderston, Largs, Troon
Tectura testudinalisBute E, Cumbrae, Lunderston, Largs, Ardrossan, Stevenston, Troon
Tectura virgineaLunderston
Calliostoma zizyphinumCumbrae
Gibbula magusBute W, Farland Head
Gibbula cinerariaFarland Head, Ardrossan, Stevenston, Troon
Gibbula umbilicalisFarland Head
Lacuna pallidulaArdrossan
Lacuna vincta Lunderston
Littorina littoreaTroon
Littorina saxatilisStevenston, Troon
Littorina mariaeCumbrae
Littorina obtusata / mariaeFarland Head, Ardrossan, Troon
Hydrobia ulvaeArdmore Point
Rissoa parvaStevenston
Rissoa membranaceaStevenston
Turritella communisStevenston
Bittium reticulatumStevenston
Epitonium clathrusBute E, Troon
Epitonium turtonisStevenston
Aporrhais pespelecaniBute E, Stevenston, Helensburgh
Polinices catenaBute E, Cumbrae, Stevenston, Troon
Polinices polianusCumbrae, Ardrossan, Stevenston, Troon
Polinices sp.Troon
Trivia arcticaStevenston, Troon
Trivia monachaFarland Head, Stevenston
Nucella lapillusBute W, Bute E, Cumbrae, Farland Head, Lunderston, Stevenston, Troon
Colus gracilisCumbrae
Neptunea antiquaBute E, Cumbrae, Lunderston, Largs
Buccinum undatumBute E, Cumbrae, Lunderston, Ardrossan, Stevenston, Troon
Hinia reticulataBute E, Farland Head, Ardrossan, Stevenston, Troon
Hinia incrassataCumbrae
Mangelia attenuataStevenston
Raphitoma linearisStevenston
Leucophytia bidentataStevenston
Nucula sp.Lunderston
Glycymeris glycymerisStevenston
Anomia ephippiumLargs
Mytilus edulisFarland Head, Lunderston, Largs, Stevenston
Modiolus modiolusFarland Head, Lunderston, Nr. Coulport
Pecten maximusFarland Head
Chlamys islandicaBute E, Cumbrae, Lunderston, Ardmore Point
Chlamys variaStevenston
Aequipecten opercularisArran E, Bute W, Bute E, Farland Head, Lunderston, Ardrossan, Stevenston
Limaria hiansStevenston
Astarte sp.Lunderston
Tridonta ellipticaCumbrae, Lunderston, Ardmore Point
Tridonta montaguiCumbrae, Lunderston
Lucinoma borealisBute W, Cumbrae, Farland Head, Lunderston, Stevenston
Arctica islandicaCumbrae, Stevenston
Acanthocardia echinataLargs, Stevenston
Parvicardium ovaleStevenston
Cerastoderma eduleBute W, Farland Head, Lunderston, Largs, Ardrossan
Cerastoderma glaucumStevenston
Laevicardium crassumBute W, Lunderston, Stevenston
Dosinia exoletaArran E, Bute W, Cumbrae, Lunderston, Ardrossan
Dosinia lupinusCumbrae, Largs, Stevenston, Troon
Circomphalus casinaFarland Head
Clausinella fasciataArran E, Stevenston
Chamelea gallinaBute E, Cumbrae, Farland Head, Lunderston, Stevenston, Ardmore Point, Troon
Tapes rhomboidesStevenston
Venerupis senegalensisArran E, Bute E, Cumbrae, Farland Head, Lunderston, Largs, Ardrossan
Venerupis senegalensis (saxatalis)Cumbrae
Mactra stultorumCumbrae, Stevenston, Troon
Spisula sp.Farland Head, Stevenston
Spisula ellipticaStevenston
Spisula solidaBute W, Cumbrae
Spisula subtruncataBute W, Lunderston, Largs, Ardrossan, Stevenston, Troon
Lutraria lutrariaArran E, Cumbrae, Stevenston
Donax vittatusBute W, Cumbrae, Largs, Stevenston, Troon
Angulus tenuisArran E, Bute W, Bute E, Cumbrae, Farland Head, Lunderston, Largs
Fabulina fabulaStevenston
Macoma balthicaBute E, Largs, Troon
Gari fervensisBute E, Cumbrae, Stevenston
Ensis ensisCumbrae, Lunderston
Ensis arcuatusCumbrae, Largs, Stevenston, Troon
Ensis siliquaBute W, Cumbrae, Farland Head, Lunderston, Stevenston, Troon
Mya truncataBute E, Cumbrae, Lunderston, Stevenston
Mya arenariaArran E, Bute W, Lunderston, Largs, Troon
Hiatella arcticaBute E, Cumbrae, Lunderston, Ardrossan
Zirfea crispataLunderston

Clyde subfossil shells
Common Clyde sub-fossils